MH-MBA-CET 2011: An Analysis || IBPS Clerical CWE admissions are ON.


MH-CET is the Common Entrance Test for all the colleges which are affiliated to universities governed by Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State. There are more than 300 colleges accepting CET scores affiliated to various universities. Pune University has the highest, 132, colleges affiliated to it were as Mumbai University finishes distant second with 59 and Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University finishes close third to have 54 colleges affiliated to it. In all there are little more than 21,000 seats for which close to 1,20,000 student write the exam.

Eligibility criteria:To apply for MAH-MBA/MMS-CET a candidate must have a bachelor's degree with at least 50% aggregate marks (45% for Maharashtra Backwards Classes). Those in the final year of their graduation can also apply.

Anatomy of the Exam:This Exam is generally conducted on third Sunday in the month of February. MH-CET traditionally consists of 200 questions which have to be solved in 150 minutes. The test is a multiple choice test and does not have Negative Marking. Though there is no prescribed syllabus for the examination, the test spans the domain of Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Non-Verbal (Visual Reasoning), Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Ability and Vocabulary. The weights assigned to these areas are not fixed but they traditionally vary in the ranges given below. Unlike many other tests the questions are not divided into sections and occur in random order.
AREANo. of Questions
Analytical Reasoning55 – 65
Verbal Reasoning10 - 15
Non Verbal Reasoning30
Data Interpretation25 - 30
Data Sufficiency5 - 10
Quantitative Ability15 - 20
Verbal Ability35
Reading Comprehension15 - 20
Note: At least 20 marks must be scored in written examination to be eligible in the next round of selection process.

P4ND3Y's take on the Exam (blasting the popular myths about the MH-CET):

There are two very popular myths about the examination.
1) This examination is very easy and 2) that no special preparation is required for it i.e. if one has prepared for CAT then CET is a cakewalk for him. Both of these myths are bolstered by uncanny ignorance of some of the test-prep gurus and geeks. The difficulty level of the examination is not to be calculated by the difficulty level of the questions appearing in the examination. The difficulty level of the examinations must be calculated on the PROBABILITY of the student getting what it aspires for.

Even though the difficulty level of the questions is not very high but scoring 145+ in 150 minute cannot be a cake walk for any student. To get admission into the most prestigious JBIMS is the dream which every eyes sees but only a few (120 out of 1, 20,000) can realize.

Mind It, MH-CET is a very difficult nut to crack.

MH-CET checks a different skill set all together which is not tested in CAT or JMET type exams. Hence it is  a gross injustice to compare these two different types of examination and hence I termed it as a gross ignorance on the part of mentors who preaches that MH-CET can be cracked by CAT preparations. MH-CET is very high speed high accuracy (HSHA) type of examination and it depends a lot on the labor put in the preparations. Unlike CAT which has a fair contribution of luck (or so to say management skills) in play on that day, the score of CET does not vary day to day. In fact, I have seen students getting precisely the same scores in MH-CET over the years.

Writing as many papers as possible is a tried and tested method of acquainting oneself with the different type of problems. The type of questions which are appearing in SIMCETs at Erudite are the types which have appeared over the years in MH-CET. Observing the pattern of them, it can be concluded that MH-CET does not deviate much from the preset pattern and hence an altogether new type of question paper is highly unexpected. It is suggested that one should be able to solve all the type of questions and should practice them so much that they can be solved in minimum amount of time. Writing as many tests (from a trusted source) as possible in the simulated environment is the best way to prepare oneself. Students should use the facility of the classrooms or library of their respective coaches.

PLEASE DO NOT waste time in collecting study material, on-line tests available in the market & participating in various chat threads, all of these things are of no avail. Just stick to a trusted ally and follow them diligently.


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